Congratulations Team Stratford Landing on raising $87,585 for our school!

This means that the 2017-2018 PTA budget has been met this year - we will fund field trip buses, technology additions, STEAM curriculum and Care and Share needs such as school snacks and urgent clothing needs. Money raised will help to show love for our teachers and staff, pay for additional music instruments and classroom library books, and allow us to host community events like the Spelling Bee, Talent Show, Trash to Treasure night and Story Night.
Congratulations to the 6th grade, which, as a grade, raised $15,885 of the grand total to fund their class prizes, the class trip to Baltimore and class lock in.
Since we met our outlined budget, we find ourselves with a surplus of funds and we will be working with the school administration and teachers to pinpoint where those funds should go. If you have ideas of where you would like additional funds to be spent, please contact or attend our November 2nd PTA meeting at 7pm in the library.